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Our Initiatives

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The  great transition of 2020 that birthed the first  iOPTIN.co i Collection.

The killing of Mr. George Floyd and The Covid 19 pandemic  planted a seed that harvested protest, unity, revolt, societal, global and governmental changes like never before.

During this time of great transition our founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Ashanta Miller, noticed a need for a bold message that empowers and represents the movement and the individuals who are  committed to changing the world for the good and advancement of humanity. 

Using her experience in the movement, exposure to the love, relentlessness,tenacity disparities, and injustices shown throughout her childhood community, the power of her ancestors  and her want to create a message that unified the new era of  the frontline fighters..iOPTIN.co and the icollection Breathing For Him,For Her For Us was born…

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